About S&G

After the Kaohsiung Port Free-Trade Zone was opened, S&G Commodities Corp acquired the usage rights to a 43,967m²
plot of land (within a total area of 12.2 hectares) at the A5 storage area of the Intercontinental Container Center in 2014.

Initially, S&G focused on LME (London Metal Exchange) warehousing services and free trade warehousing operations.
Therefore, two warehouses were built and named Warehouse B and Warehouse C according to their plot numbers.
Both warehouses were certified to LME standards, making us one of the few LME delivery warehouses in Kaohsiung Port,
also providing us with a competitive edge in metal storage and logistics services.

In response to the Kaohsiung Port terminal relocation plan, S&G 's location is precisely at the center
of the Sixth and Seventh Container Centers of the Second Port of Kaohsiung.
This area serves as a docking point for the import and export of international shipping lines,
also close to the petrochemical logistics park. Due to our advantageous location and market demand,
we constructed four new public hazardous materials warehouses and a gas warehouse in 2023,
and officially commenced operations on July 1, 2023.
This not only enhances our international competitiveness but also offers various choices to clients.

Our Services

Warehouse and logistics services
aerial photo of cargo crates
Plans for Maritime Logistics
yellow and black forklift during daytime
Loading and unloading services

S&G Commodities Corp constructs the most competitive warehouse facilities
and provides the best logistics services at the LME delivery port in Kaohsiung.